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A Morning in Three Acts

Frustration It was one of our morning business meetings where Howard and I discuss the day and decisions we need to make. I explained to him an opportunity that was related to an event. He stared at me blankly. I re-explained twice before what I was trying to express became clear to him. No idea […]

A Comedy of Errors…

A Comedy of Errors Which Has Me Contemplating Security, Safety Nets, and Preparedness While Sitting in a Train Station Parking Lot With a Dead Car Battery.

(If you take comedy in the Shakespearean sense that events become amusing because everything turns out okay in the end, but the whole thing could have been a tragedy […]

Running Kickstarters

Back in February I was on a panel at a convention titled How to Run a Killer Game Kickstarter. It is not the first Kickstarter related panel I’ve been on, nor will it be the last. I frequently get asked by friends and strangers for Kickstarter advice. None of which is to say that I’m […]

Scheduling Next Year

Planning the class schedule for my kids’ next year is always an exercise in anxiety. First there is the simple logistical difficulty of figuring out which classes my kid wants to take, when the school offers them, and how those two things fit together in a way which puts a class in every hour of […]

Retreat Progress Report 2

Finish draft of Herding Wild Horses Didn’t touch this beyond a little bit of brainstorming Write 1000 words of short story draft Got 400 words Write the haiku post Done. Letting it settle before revising and posting Walk outdoors Done Take some pictures Done Post some pictures Done

And my son didn’t get his essay […]

Focused on Deadlines

It turns out that upgrading all the things simultaneously takes up quite a bit of brain space. Add in a sprinkling of deadlines both business and family. Then throw a couple of birthdays on top for good measure. All of it combined means that I haven’t had much brain for thinking the sorts of thoughts […]

Upgrading all the things

This is the week of upgrading all the tech things.

I swapped over to Quickbooks online from Quickbooks desktop. Not a change I wanted to make because I have objections to monthly subscription software instead of single purchase software. But in order to connect my (so very needed) updated store software to my accounting software […]

Structuring Life to Support Creativity take 2

A week ago I got to reprise my presentation on Structuring Life to Support Creativity. Unfortunately I heard from people who had to miss it because of conflicts or space issues. So I’m putting up the notes from the presentation here. They are rough notes rather than a fully flowing blog post. If I were […]

Introducing a Kitten

This is Kikaa. We named her Kikaa when we rescued her. Later we learned that her first home called her Calliope, Callie for short.

She’s been ours for eight years now. She’s fourteen years old, and beginning to show her age. As we’ve watched her slow down, we’ve been forced to face the fact […]

Eventful Week

Saturday: Twist ankle to the point where I can’t walk on it. Spend remainder of day on a couch with an ice pack.

Sunday: Miss church because ankle still not good for walking, but hobbling becomes possible by evening. Home teachers visit.

Monday: First thing in the morning call to set up some critical […]