This is the picture book that I wrote for my daughter. Angela Call provided the wonderful pictures. It features the story of Amy who is full of ideas that constantly get her into trouble. With a little help, Amy learns to guide her ideas in constructive ways. Print copies are available either through our store or You can download a free pdf of the book by clicking here.

SWHCover smallStrength of Wild Horses
This is the sequel to Hold on to Your Horses that I didn’t expect to write. But when the first book was in my daughter’s hands, she asked the question “What are wild idea horses good for?” This book is me answering that question. The answer: “Solving all sorts of problems in amazing ways.”

pm image
Planet Mercenary
This is the role playing game that is based on the Schlock Mercenary Universe. I was one of the writers and the primary editor for the project. It is a game that emphasizes storytelling and humor and is structured in a way the help encourage that in the players. I had lots of fun working on the project.

SM-10 Book Bundle-2T
Schlock Mercenary books
Howard does the writing and drawing of the comics. I am the one who makes them be books. I do the editing and vast majority of the layout and design. For the book Force Multiplication, I wrote the bonus story. These books are very much a result of my creative input and I’m pleased to have been part of them.

Altered Perceptions
Altered Perceptions
This was a charity anthology designed to help our friend Robison Wells pay off medical expenses related to his multiple mental illnesses. Howard and I contributed a pair of things which wonderfully illustrated some of the challenges of living with mental illness. His is called No, I’m Fine. Mine is Married to Depression.

The Mind of the Beholder
This is a collection of four short stories which explore autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and social-emotional agnosia. It features my story “Bethan’s Garden” along with “Movement” by Nancy Fulda, “Invasion of the Pattern Snatchers” by David Goldman, and “Irena’s Roses” by Marissa Lingren. I love being part of this book. It is available through


Ages of Wonder
This anthology is edited by Julie Czerneda and Robert St Martin. It contains my short story “Immigrant” along with many other interesting stories. You can find it on

XDM 100

XDM X-Treme Dungeon Mastery
Tracy and Curtis Hickman approached us with this project in February of 2009. It was a real departure from what we had been doing, but we could see the potential so we agreed. The book was finished, illustrated, laid out, edited, and sent off to print in five extremely crazy weeks. I still can not believe that we pulled it off. I learned a lot about lay out and design while working on this project.

FRONT_WEBCobble Stones
Cobble Stones is a sampling of essays pulled from this blog. It is a great way to introduce new people to the kinds of things which I write here. This is why I made the book, to let people share and so that when I’m at conventions I can point to it. Cobble Stones is fairly short, as befits a sampler. Only a few more print copies are available in our store. Electronic copies can be purchased through and Barnes & Noble.

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