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This is a Day of Very Little Brain

Last night I joked on twitter that I wish I could stick a crow bar into the middle of this week and stretch it out by a couple of days. Howard could really use those days as recovery time. He arrived home from WorldCon at 8am this morning after several nights of very little sleep. He’s completely burned out. What he really needs is two days to just sleep and stare at the walls. Then he needs a week of quiet work to catch upon the buffer, after which he’ll be excited and ready to tackle Salt Lake City Comic Con. Instead the booth has to be set up tomorrow. I’ll be handling that part. Howard will be at home, hopefully doing the sleeping and recuperating that he needs. Thursday the show begins. Both of us are excited for the possibilities of SLCC, neither of us wants to face another show so soon.

Howard came home happy. On the drive home and most of the morning, thoughts and stories started spilling out. He’s collected things to tell me for days, but they were all jumbled up together in his head and the only way to find the important ones is for me to listen to all the things. I don’t mind. All the things are interesting, it is just that a few of them are also assignments. This is one advantage of having me stay home. I’m far more rested than Howard is, but I’m still tired and short on sleep.

…In fact the day was one of so little brain that I forgot to complete and post this entry last night. Fortunately Howard pulled together a post that was more eloquent. You probably ought to go read it instead.

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