Interviews/Guest Posts


Productivity Alchemy with host Kevin Sonney

Writing Excuses “How to Make Money from Your Hobby


A series of podcast episodes for Writing Excuses

Page Break with Brian McClellan and Howard Tayler.


A Guest post for the Writing Excuses Retreat talking about how grief is a creative process.


A podcast interview on the Writing Excuses podcast, talking about my Schlockiverse story Risk Assessment.


My essay Married to Depression was condensed and retitled to be part of the library of articles over on The Mighty. I’m very pleased about how it turned out and the way that the same core messages can be delivered to a new audience.


A pair of podcast interviews with Scott King of The Creator Cast. The first is a Meet Sandra Tayler interview where I talk about all of the things that I do. The second digs in deeper to talk about creative process.
Creator’s Cast Meet Sandra Tayler
Creator’s Cast Sandra Tayler Chat

A review of Strength of Wild Horses on The Horn Book website.
Selfie Sweepstakes Reviews: The Strength of Wild Horses


A podcast interview with Richard Bliss of Funding the Dream in which I talk about specific things that people can do to make space in their lives for creative things. Ep 220 7 Steps To Make Room For Creativity In Your Life with Sandra Tayler


A guest post for Mary Robinette Kowal where I talk about my favorite bit of Strength of Wild Horses. My Favorite Bit: Sandra Tayler Talks about Strength of Wild Horses

A guest post for Lou Anders where I talk about the importance of picture books and the power of story. Why Picture Books Matter: A Guest Post by Sandra Tayler

Interview with Maya Lassiter where Maya asked some really good questions about creative process and fitting all the things into one life. author interviews: Sandra Tayler…who does it all

A podcast interview with Richard Bliss of Funding the Dream. We talk about what it is like to live in a multi-creative career household, and my kickstarter project to fund Strength of Wild Horses. Ep 171 Sandra Tayler Children’s Book Author

with James Yee of Kickstarter conversations. We talked about Strength of Wild Horses and about the nuts and bolts of putting together the Kickstarter project. What do you with all your crazy ideas?

Interview with Jim Hines where we discuss some of the parenting things that went into creating Strength of Wild Horses. Sandra Tayler Talks About The Strength of Wild Horses

An audio interview with Emily Mah of Black Gate. She interviewed both Howard and I simultaneously. Howard and Sandra Tayler Discuss Being Mercenary, Living By Faith, And Sergeant Schlock: An Audio Interview


A guest post for Mary Robinette Kowal where I talk about my favorite bit of Hold on to Your Horses. My Favorite Bit: Sandra Tayler talks about Hold on to Your Horses


I helped host the Writing Excuses podcast where I talked with other creative partners about Living With an Artist/ Writer.

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