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The Things that Keep Me Busy

The past few days have felt tumultuous, but they weren’t. This disparity between external and internal experience of events is not my favorite. It means something in my brain is out of alignment. What I finally saw in the past few days is that this is the result of all my jobs expanding just a [...]

Conventions and Preparations

On the drive to take Howard to the airport I feel relief, not because Howard is leaving, that part isn’t my favorite, but because all the convention preparations are complete. Driving to the airport means that all the things are done, or they are forever not done, either way I don’t have to think about [...]

A Day of Odds and Ends

Link was hoping that today would be a go-to-the-waterpark day. Instead it was an odds and ends day. I watched my older sister’s two youngest kids while she and her husband helped their college boy move out of the dorms. He’s headed back home to file paperwork to go on a mission. Watching the two [...]

Separate Busy Days

Howard called me twice today and the booth crew called me once with a quick question. I am so very removed from what they are experiencing. It is strange to realize that Howard has spent all of his day running and talking with people, trying to be entertaining, and selling merchandise. In contrast, I slept [...]

Conventions, Family, and Making Choices

Shipping day, booth set up day, and post-con accounting day are when I discover which out of hundreds of things I failed to adequately track. That is the not fun part, when I realize that I’ve failed to do some simple thing and because of it life is more complicated. The problems are usually small [...]

Time’s Up

It feels like time’s up. The schools have begun calling and emailing me with announcements for the coming year. Howard’s departure for GenCon is mere days away. I still have things to do to prepare for the oncoming events. Summer feels over even though we’re still in the first half of August. I suppose that [...]

Stress is not Logical

I woke up this morning stressed. I was stressed yesterday, but not at a drive-all-my-thoughts-and-actions level. Somehow the fact that it is Friday and I have almost run out of week tipped me over. There are all these things I need to do with various due dates. Today Contact the GenCon hotel and arrange for [...]

Busy Brain Day

My brain has been hopping through business tasks all day. I spent much of the morning looking at possible Point of Sale systems for our business. We’ve managed at conventions with a sort of cobbled together system, but it would be nice to have an integrated one that tracks everything for me rather than me [...]

Taking Care of Business

Today I am uploading the Tub of Happiness reprint files. There are 1377 images in the book, so it is going to take most of the day. Fortunately uploading is mostly a process I can walk away from. So I walk to where the sketch pages need to be trimmed and I work on that. [...]

Computer Troubleshooting Again

After my last post in which I talked about my computer crashing woes. I had a couple of really helpful responses suggesting that the problem might be bad RAM. This was quite useful because I’d been thinking that everything inside the box was cleared as good, when that was not the case. The symptoms pointed [...]