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Massive Geek, Comic, Media Convention. Fan X

Twelve hours in the small 10×10 space that we set up and stocked with Schlock things. Lots of lovely conversations. Handing out flyers to people who have never heard of us before. Selling starter books to people who have never heard of Schlock. Greeting returning fans and helping them find shiny merchandise they love. Long [...]

FanX This Week

There it is, the thing which has consumed all of my thinking hours since Monday morning. Okay, that’s a bit of hyperbole. The kids got some of my thinking too, but not as much as they usually have. When the thinking runs out, I’ve been diving into watching the episodes of House that I previously [...]

These are My Current Projects

Between now and next Wednesday morning Create a display with prices and marketing text for Schlock-related small shiny things Modify and spray paint a cardboard box so that it becomes a useful bin for people to peruse art and posters for sale. Make and laminate price signs for the booth. Be clever and entertaining with [...]

Convention Booths and Thought Patterns

Several years ago Howard and I were in the midst of last-minute planning for running a booth at a local convention. I don’t remember what the moment of stress was about, but I remember vividly that the words “I hate this” slipped from my mouth. I was shocked to realize that I meant them. It [...]

My Solo Presentation Day at LTUE

After writing yesterday’s blog post, the part of my brain which remembers how to do conventions woke up. I was able to think in advance and organize. This meant today I was prepared to commit commerce and to enjoy interactions with friends, fans, and others. All of this was greatly helped by the fact that [...]

The First Day of LTUE

There was a moment early in the first panel of the day where I thought “I just don’t have this in me.” I arrived to LTUE tired, not sleepy, but weary. I’m still not up to speed after being sick. We still haven’t returned to normal. I’d arrived at the event to discover how many [...]

Life The Universe and Everything Symposium 2014

Beginning tomorrow and running through Saturday I’ll be at the Life The Universe and Everything symposium in downtown Provo. If you’re local, I highly recommend it. Attendance is FREE to anyone with a student ID. If you’re at LTUE and looking for me in particular, you should pay special attention to the Friday items. I’m [...]

Returning Home from ConFusion

It is Monday. I’ve returned from ConFusion and none of the worries which kept me awake Wednesday night have come to pass. I hope that someday my brain will accept that my departure does not create dire consequences, but this trip was not that someday. “How was your trip?” My mom asked after we walked [...]

Legendary ConFusion Arrival and Schedule

We have arrived at ConFusion. The real programming will begin tomorrow afternoon, but the visiting has already begun. Sometimes I am able to blog in the spaces of a convention, other times I go quiet online for the duration. This is one of the heaviest scheduled conventions I’ve ever had, so quiet seems likely. I [...]

Scheduling for 2014

Howard just posted his appearance schedule for this year. Most notable: he will not be attending either LTUE or Worldcon because both have direct conflicts with other events. My schedule is much less populated than Howard’s. My currently scheduled public appearances are: January 17-19 at Legendary ConFusion, Troy, Michigan. They’ve given me some fascinating programming [...]