Patches has recently gone through one of those developmental leaps. The ones where suddenly your kids is doing a bunch of stuff he wasn’t even capable of yesterday. The fascination with the garbage can seems to have waned (Yay!) to be replaced by a fascination with climbing on top of the table to forage. He’s started luring me to the pantry to point at the cheerios. He’ll hand me a cup and shove me toward the fridge. No chance of this kid starving, if I haven’t fed him recently enough he lets me know.

He’s also begun carrying cars with him wherever he goes. They roll on just about any available surface and go “vrrrrrrr” Where did he learn that? Perhaps is observational, he certainly lights up for any kind of engine noise. We live in a cul-de-sac with no less than three deisel trucks and any time he hears one of those things arrive or leave he runs to the front window to watch. We watch helicopters and planes too. In fact, he’ll hear them and start looking for them before I even notice that there is a noise.

He can point to 6 or 7 body parts, he knows how to say night night, blow kisses, give kisses, and hugs all on command. He can follow one step commands. He loves shoes. If he finds shoes they have to go on his feet even if they don’t belong to him. Watching him try to walk in Daddy’s boots is hilarious. Mostly he falls over.

He loves snuggles and has the biggest happiest grin in the world. Now I’ve made myself all teary and I want to go hug him. But I won’t cause he’s sleeping. Plenty of hugging time in the morning.