Quick Friday Worldcon notes

I had two panels today. I was not an expert voice on either one, but I was able to contribute constructively. Both panels were graced with solid professionals who had no agendas other than giving good information. It was a pleasure both times. After the panels I had people come up to ask me various questions and I had reasonably useful information to provide.

One of the coolest moments from last night was when I got to introduce my friend Sal to Eric Flint. Sal loves Eric’s books. Eric quickly discovered that Sal is extremely expert in history and swordsmanship. They exchanged cards and agreed to talk further. Introducing people to other people is becoming really fun for me. I like to think about what facets about each person would appeal to the other and give them fodder for conversation. It is a technique I picked up from watching Mary Robinette Kowal.

Speaking of Mary, I got to witness her puppet show. It was delightful and full of highly memorable memorable moments. I need to do a full write up on it when I’m not moments away from heading out for dinner.