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October 2012
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The day had a plan. Most of my days do. It began with getting Kiki up early so that she could don her elf ears and make up. Fortunately I only had to poke her awake and then I went back to bed for another hour. The result was quite lovely. In so many ways […]

Stories of Today

There have been many impressive photographs today, scenes from Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey. I’ve never been to any of these places, so I view the photos abstractly, without any personal grief attached. Before the storm I never walked that crumpled boardwalk, I never shopped in the below ground shops that now resemble a salty swimming […]

Halloween Costume Negotiations

Gleek, having declared the costume she wore to the church carnival as “boring,” was in dire need of a dress appropriate to the goddess Artemis. I took her to the thrift store, expecting a repeat of what I experienced several years ago when Gleek suffered choice paralysis. Choosing one costume meant giving up all the […]

Exercise and Mental Health

Several years ago I met an acquaintance as I was headed out of the grocery store and she was headed in. She was obviously on her way home from exercising at the gym. We chatted for a minute about her regular trips to they gym and about physical fitness in general. “a gym membership is […]

Thoughts on Community and Withdrawal

In years past I’ve written glowing descriptions of our church Halloween carnival. I described how the community of congregation members creates this event for each other and how the creation draws the members of the community together. I’ve loved that aspect of it, just as I’ve loved how trailing a trick or treating child lets […]

Bringing Home the Writer’s Retreat

A month ago today I was in Chattanooga having a wonderful difficult time. I was glad I went, I was even more glad to get home. When I got home I knew it would take awhile for all the things I shook up in my brain to settle down enough for me to see what […]

Dropped Leaves

The morning after the first solid freeze is when trees dump all their leaves at once. Yesterday all these leaves were still attached to branches. The tree didn’t even bother to change them to pretty colors first. Green or not, they got dumped. It’s as if the tree just decided to give up on leaves. […]

All I Can Do

…for we know that it is by grace we are saved, after all we can do. 2 Nephi 25:23

I always trip over that “after all we can do” part of the verse. I believe it too thoroughly, trying to make the job of giving grace and blessings easy for God, as if He is […]

Things I’ve Been Thinking About Which Are Not Long Enough for a Full Blog Post

These photos of people being scared. At first they were just funny, but then as I clicked through I became fascinated by the sameness of the facial expressions. It got to the point where I was staring at the photos trying to determine if they are real or people posing in caricatures of fear. I […]

Today in List Form

One thing after another happened all day long. None of them were unexpected things, they were just all thinky, important, and urgent. So I did not get many spaces. Instead I:

Managed school departures and arrivals for four kids.

Put together and ordered our annual Schlock thank you postcard.

Began work on the 2013 Schlock […]