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November 2013
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2014 Calendar Available Now, Also Links to Cool Interviews

Today has been a design day. I sent the calendars off to print and I’m putting together our annual Thank you postcard list. We send out these cards to anyone who has purchased things in our store during the year. It is a small thing that we can do for those who’ve supported us. I’m a little later than usual on the postcards this year, so I’ll need to hurry. However the calendar turned out prettier than ever. You can get your own copy in our store. In that store you can find my Cobble Stones books as well as Hold on to Your Horses. All of which make wonderful gifts. You can find all of Howard’s Schlock Mercenary stuff too. Every order will ship from our shiny new warehouse and will be accompanied by a Thank You postcard.

The Strength of Wild Horses Kickstarter is ongoing and doing very well. It is almost 50% funded, which means I still have work to do. Right now lots of that work is not publicly visible. I’m putting together samples of the canvas prints and making a mock up of the book so Angela can see the pictures and text together. I’m also reaching out to organize more interviews and guest posts. I owe a post to Nancy Fulda, but she didn’t wait on me. Instead she wrote a lovely post praising Hold on to Your Horses. You can see it by clicking the link.

I also did a podcast interview with Funding the Dream host Richard Bliss. He spent 20 minutes talking to me about Strength of Wild Horses and how to have two creative careers living under the same roof. I haven’t had time to listen to the whole thing yet, but it is out there and hopefully I say useful things and sound smart. While you’re there, you might want to listen to some of the other podcasts, particularly if you’re interested in running a Kickstarter of your own someday. Richard is where Howard and I learned most of our marketing skills.

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