Tweets from GenCon

Since the best record I have of my time at GenCon is what I tweeted while I was there, I’ve collated those tweets into a blog post. My apologies to those who already read all of this by following @sandratayler on twitter.

Sandra Tayler ‏@SandraTayler Jul 29
Gatorade for Breakfast is the name of my GenCon booth set up day. #GenCon2015

Sandra Tayler ‏@SandraTayler Jul 29
My books got to come to #GenCon2015 this year.
GenCon 1

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Howard Tayler ‏@howardtayler Jul 29
The dice don’t hate you. The dice hate being anthropomorphized. Stop breathing life into them and they’ll behave, you know, randomly.

Sandra Tayler ‏@SandraTayler Jul 31
Our Planet Mercenary game will be at 630pm in Griffin Hall inside the JW Marriott. 7pm. Should be fun. #GenCon2015

Sandra Tayler ‏@SandraTayler Jul 31
Our @PlanetMercenary field marshals play at #gencon2015

Sandra Tayler ‏@SandraTayler Aug 1
Just witnessed the annual Sat morning Running of the Gamers into the dealer’s hall for exclusives. #gencon2015 Impressive.

Sandra Tayler ‏@SandraTayler Aug 1
I love seeing adults who are passionate about their interests and who understand that play is important. #gencon2015

Sandra Tayler ‏@SandraTayler Aug 1
Card city #gencon2015

Sandra Tayler ‏@SandraTayler Aug 1
Backstage at Tracy Hickman’s Killer Breakfast. He’s got an amazing crew making the show possible. #GenCon2015

Another shot from that event:

Sandra Tayler ‏@SandraTayler Aug 2
I like having a job where sitting around on couches and talking to interesting people counts as working.

Sandra Tayler ‏@SandraTayler Aug 2
Sunday at #GenCon2015 is 100 “in case I don’t see you again” goodbyes. Some I farewell 3-4 times. Others I miss completely.

Sandra Tayler ‏@SandraTayler Aug 2
This was my favorite celebrity sighting at #GenCon2015 “are you satisfied with your care?”

Sandra Tayler ‏@SandraTayler Aug 2
Adorable girl getting an art lesson from @howardtayler at #GenCon2015

Sandra Tayler ‏@SandraTayler Aug 2
Sir Diddymus rides through #GenCon2015 in service of his lady.

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Jim Zub @JimZub August 2
Howard was at a panel when Tracy had to leave Saturday, but we snapped a quick photo of our authors. — with Tracy Hickman and Sandra Tayler.

Booth crew

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Howard Tayler ‏@howardtayler Aug 2
Layer after layer of illusion magic is stripped away as #GenCon2015 fades under the assault of an impending Monday.

Sandra Tayler ‏@SandraTayler Aug 2
This is all that remains of our #GenCon2015 booth.

There are a few things I did not tweet, though I would have if I’d not been distracted.
Here are our GenCon Field Marshals who played Planet Mercenary with Howard and Alan. They were fantastic and it was a great game.

And there was a thing which amused us all greatly. Here is a shot that our booth mate Jim Zub took on the first day of the convention when the crowds were waiting for the dealer’s hall to open.
Zub & Crowd

This was a publicity shot that showed up on the GenCon site the next day. If you look closely at the escalator, you can see a small figure with arms outstretched. That’s Zub. The official GenCon photographer took this at almost the same moment that Zub’s photo was taken.
Zub & Crowd 2

I had a really great time. I’m excited to go back again next year and I’ve placed it firmly on my schedule. I’ll wiggle all the other stuff around to make that possible. Next year we’ll have the Planet Mercenary book and I want to be there for that.