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July 2019
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Bits and Pieces

My house is filled with the roar of fans. It is about as relaxing as standing inside an inadequately sound-proofed jet plane. Damaged flooring and drywall has been removed. contamination is scoured out. Theoretically next week I can begin the process of putting things back together instead of tearing them apart further.


I’m thinking about what a joy it is to watch two people who both felt broken find each other and realize that the other one values them for exactly the things they felt were broken. It is beautiful when people heal each other and become whole.


As a mother of children with mental health issues, The Nightcore cover of Alex Benjamin’s song “My Mother’s Eyes” breaks my heart. Or rather shows me the ways that my children’s struggles already broke me. Because my children (and their friends) are amazing and so often they can’t see it.
You can listen here:
Written lyrics here:


Sad songs aside, my children are thriving more this year than they have in the prior three years combined. I’ll take it.


I only have three weeks to Gen Con and a long list of things I’m supposed to have done before then. Eep!


I submitted a short story to a market for the first time in a decade. It was rejected, but at least I did a writer thing.


It is 9am and I need to figure out how to make good use of today.

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