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January 2020
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Podcast Interview with The Creator’s Cast

Scott King of The Creator’s Cast recently interviewed me. Those interviews are now live. I’ve listened to them and am glad to say that either I didn’t say anything dumb, or that Scott used his excellent editing skills to make me sound good. They are good interviews. Scott asks good questions.

The first is a […]

PiBoIdMo Guest post

Today I have a guest post up over on Tara Lazar’s website. Tara is the host (and creator of) Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) where writers challenge themselves to come up with a picture book idea every day through the month of November. Tara hosts guest blogs throughout the month to help people with this […]

Interviews with James Yee and Jim C. Hines

My head is full of thoughts about warehouses, the joys of setting up shop in a commercial building, calendar design, monitoring kids’ online socializing, and whether I’m helping too much with homework. I intend to shape some of those thoughts into words later today. For now I give you two interviews.

Doing interviews is really […]

An Audio Interview over at Black Gate

It has been a long day full of things done and I’m at the beginning of a week where I have many things yet to do which I don’t want to forget. So my head is a bit full. Fortunately I can point you at this interview that Howard and I recorded with Emily Mah. […]