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Doing the Job that Needs to be Done

When Brandon, Dan, Mary, and Howard first started talking about doing a Writing Excuses retreat, I loved the idea. I wanted to be an integral part of all the planning. I wanted to be useful and essential. But much of the retreat discussion took place during recording sessions when I was not there. Task after […]


It is possible that I caught up on the laundry this weekend. My laundry closet looks astonishingly bare without it’s huge mounds of clothing, but the closets and drawers look kind of nice. I’m a little afraid to believe in this new state of affairs so I’m not looking too closely at the corners of […]

Shipping Update Wednesday

Work hours today: 48 Packages shipped: Approx 600

Work hours:175 Packages shipped: Approx 1300

The following backer levels are in the mail: Low numbered (9-99) Tagon’s Toughs coins Tagon’s Toughs challenge coin Two Tagon’s Toughs Challenge coins Officer’s Club

US NCO club are done. International NCO left to do.

We did great today, but at […]

These Are Pieces of My Coin Shipping Experience

I hold the coins in my hand. They have a solid weight and clink when the motion of my hand pushes them into each other. They are beautiful. Three months ago they were only an idea in Howard’s head, then they were an idea that other people bought into. Now my garage is full of […]

Coin Set Assembly Day #1

Schlock Mercenary book release shippings usually have 1200 to 1500 packages. So when the quantity of coin packages racked up beyond those number, I knew this would be the biggest shipping job yet. We topped out at just under 3000 orders, so I thought the job would take about twice as long. I forgot about […]

Shipping Volunteers

If you are local and would like to help with assembling and shipping challenge coin orders, please email If you’ve already emailed and I responded no need to do it again. If you can only come for part of a day, we’ll take whatever we can get. We’d dearly love to be able to […]

Challenge Coin Shipping By the Numbers

Invoices printed: 2245 Invoices pending, waiting on info from backers: 331 Coins to be ordered: approx 26,000 estimated cost of those coins: $80,000 Glue dots needed to fix coins to packing boards: approx 20,000 packing boards needed:5000 padded envelopes to order: 1500 priority mail boxes to order: 950 space in my house that will be […]

Scheduling March

I sat down and counted. During the month of February there were 20 school nights. These are nights when it is important to run life on schedule so that homework gets done and people are in bed on time so that they can get up the next day for school. Out of those 20 school […]

Structuring Life to Make Room for Creativity

This blog post is a write-up from my presentation notes. I’ve given this presentation at LTUE. I’ll be giving it again at LDS Storymakers in May. As I wrote this from my notes, I noticed a major difference in the flow of a presentation and of a blog post. Speaking to a group is more […]

Renewing My Spaces

Every so often we would look at our walls and say “We really need to repaint.” Sometimes the words were triggered by corners where the paint had completely chipped away, other times it was contemplating the way that dirt collected on the sections of walls in front of the studs, thus creating a grid pattern […]