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October 2019
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My To Do List

Things I am supposed to be doing today: Finishing a short story draft so I can submit it to a writer’s group Launching the process of designing Gen Con banners Evaluating what needs to be done so we can run Planet Mercenary demos at Gen Con then making an enumerated list of things to do. […]


Things fixed: 2 toilets

Things broken: Some plumbing My budget plan for the year Flooring and cabinets with damage from water seepage My schedule for the next month or so as contractors are in and out

Things joyful: Getting to be on TypeCast RPG where I played a halfling cannibal ranger named Toki’Pobo Coming home […]

Trying to Bring Summer into Focus

We’re on day two of our summer schedule and I’m still trying to find my footing in the schedule shift. This is strange because the shift isn’t as big as it was in past years. My recent high school graduate actually finished her credits early and thus hasn’t been to school in more than a […]

My Heart is Singing Songs of Home

I had a plan. I was going to step outside my usual round of things for a week. I was going to put down the host of regular tasks and that was going to open up space for me to think writing thoughts and write words.

Ha ha ha ha ha. […]

On the Road for a Week

I’ve attended a lot of Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions. Some of them energize me, others are draining. Often the energy or drain have little to do with the event itself and more to do with my emotional state as I arrive at it, or how I engage with it once I’m there. However the […]

Happy Mother’s Day

I’ve written my fair share of Mother’s Day posts that talk about the emotional complexities of this celebratory day. I’ve gotten philosophical about mothering and pondered how I came to terms with being a mother. Some years I posted nothing about it at all. Those were the years where I was doing my best to […]

Counting the small triumphs

Today one of my kids had a panic attack at school and he stayed at school instead of coming home. Then after school, he went to a friend’s house, which he hasn’t done in several years. Another of my kids voluntarily left the house to go for a walk in the sunshine. A third had […]

And the Rain Comes Down

It is raining this evening and it feels like the sky is matching my heart a bit. Just two days ago I was reveling in blooms and speaking philosophically about how growth comes in cycles. Today is one of the days when I have to step up and believe my fine words when the hard […]

Spring Break Week

I’m lost in the middle of Spring Break week and every day feels like Saturday, but there is a lot of work I’m supposed to be doing for business things. Also I think we’ve reached peak disruption with the front room cupboard project, so everything feels messy and out of control. Some years I use […]

Thoughts on Women, Space Walks, and Logical Decisions

This week NASA was supposed to have the first all-women space walk. Two female astronauts were going to don space suits and leave the space station to do necessary maintenance. This event gained traction on social media where people became excited at a milestone event demonstrating that women were less sidelined than they used to […]