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New Year’s Eve at Chez Tayler

At 10:30 pm it was just me and the cat. The two teens in our house had scattered for parties with friends. Howard was also out. The younger two were abed and asleep. I was pretty content, particularly when the cat decided that our house needed a vigorous defense against the ravages of hair bands. Only she got embarrassed if I watched her play, so I had to snicker quietly.
11:00 Howard came home. He’d been having fun, but decided that he wanted to come home and be with me.
11:10 Link came tromping through the back yard. He’d also had a great time but said “I decided to spend New Year’s with my family.” The three of us sat down to play a game of Poo, which is a card game about monkeys who fling. (I can now honestly say that I got Howard monkey poo for Christmas.)
11:40 Kiki came in through the front door. She repeated Link almost verbatim “It was fun, but I decided to spend New Year’s with my family.”
So we played Poo until the fireworks let us know that the date stamp had changed over.

I think this counts as a family win.

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