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February 2011
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Day Two of Quarantine

The quantities and varieties of illness in our house are really unpleasant, but having the whole family curled up together to watch Doctor Who is kind of a win.

Sick Day

I will assuage my guilt at postponing my son’s birthday party by chanting “Infectious diseases do not make good party prizes.”

Current sick count: 1 case of pneumonia (Howard) 2 flu cases with chills, fever, and body aches (Kiki and Me) 1 sore throat (Gleek) 1 unsettled stomach (Link)

That’s 5 out of 6 people. […]

Howard is sick

“There’s a funny thing about X-rays.” The doctor said as he leaned close to his computer screen. I leaned forward as well and we examined the image of Howard’s lungs together. “X-rays run a day behind because of tissue penetration. So we’re really looking at what Howard’s lungs looked like yesterday.” The doctor lifted his […]

Dead Men Don’t Cry by Nancy Fulda

I met Nancy Fulda when I was four years old and she was two days. I have a vague memory of thinking she was cute, but our mother assures me that I also exhibited significant signs of resentment at not being the baby of the family any more. These feelings were somewhat appeased by the […]

Thoughts on Identity and Categorization

I was in High School and the assignment was to create a quick drawing to represent who you are. The teacher did not mean for it to be an important or profound assignment, it was the prelude to a guessing game activity. I was completely unable to comply with the request. I knew I could […]

Thoughts after a panel on self publishing

You’ve probably never heard of Anna del C Dye. I hadn’t until I sat next to her on a panel and listened to her talk about her books in heavily accented English. She talked about the stories she’d loved writing, the process of working with a self-publishing company, and the enormous confidence she’d gained by […]

In which I explain my current sleep deprivation

Three days of high intensity social and public presentation time came to a conclusion when my cell phone rang multiple times. Link, having been an excellent baby sitter for most of the evening, abdicated his post 30 minutes too soon. Kiki failed to back him up and to do a couple of simple chores that […]

Lunch at LTUE

Julie Wright and I walked fast as we exited the conference center where the hall was filled with LTUE attendees. We waved at friends as we passed, but kept moving. When the doors closed behind us we looked at each other and giggled like teenage girls ditching school. One of the joys of conferences and […]

Notes from LTUE panel: The Writing Life

My final panel of today was The Writing Life. On the panel with me were Julie Wright, Berin Stevens, and Angie Lofthouse. It was one of those panels where I scribble down notes, not only to help me remember what I wanted to say, but also because other panelists said things I want to remember. […]

Contemplating the next three days

Tomorrow morning I get to put on my professional clothes and go to LTUE. I’m excited to see friends and visit with other creative people. I’m looking forward to all of the panels in which I’ll get to participate. My brain is fairly bubbling with points I feel are important for the various panels. It […]