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March 2011
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Gifted programs and decisions

I have notes for three blog entries which I scribbled down over the weekend. I wrote notes for two more on Monday. It was delightful. I loved the fact that my brain was spontaneously percolating more than one blog entry at a time. That used to happen, but hasn’t for months. Then I stumbled across […]

Article on why Internet Fear is Overrated

Every so often I come across an article which I know I must bookmark and keep track of forever because it backs up an aspect of why I parent the way that I do. This one gives me solid reasons to use for why I am not afraid when my kids use the internet. I […]

Today, I Cooked Quiche

I made quiche for dinner today. It was not fantastic quiche, but indicates something about today. I had space in my brain to set out and cook a food because I felt like eating it, rather than scrambling to throw something foodish in front of the kids because they were complaining. I used my rolling […]

My conversations with God

When I watch Fiddler on the Roof, Tevya’s conversation’s with God feel very familiar to me. I too speak with God on a daily basis. Sometimes that speaking is in formalized prayer. Other times it is merely me rolling my eyes heavenward and asking silently “Really? Why today?” There is no indication that Tevya ever […]

When my life was crazy

Yesterday I sat at the kitchen table, black binder in front of me. It was a simple three-ring binder filled with printed pages and opened about halfway through. The pages to the left were covered in scribbled notes, stars, and arrows. Pages to the right were pristine, as yet untouched by my editing pen. This […]

Partitioning my days

I’ve made a discovery. It is the same discovery I’ve made at least three times in the past four years, which does dampen my excitement a bit. However, I will still apply it in my life. Again. Perhaps this time it will stick. I am going to start better partitioning my time.

Two days […]

Email and Me

The email box lurks red flags pointed at my eyes Click. I am elsewhere.

I have a mixed relationship with email these days. I love it and it exhausts me. The problem is not spam. Google is quite good at filtering out the complete garbage. Most of the emails I actually see are ones […]

Child induced task limbo

I spend a lot of time in a sort of mental limbo. There are projects I’m excited about, that I want to accomplish, but I don’t dare start them because something else is likely to interrupt. The kids are playing and all is quiet. In theory I should snatch the moment for writing. I don’t […]

2010 One Cobble Book

This is my happy thing for the day. It is my 2010 One Cobble book containing all the entries from last year. I picked the cover photo because of this post. It seemed an appropriate visual metaphor for a year that was over full of good things. The cover is not what I am […]

A letter to my daughter on the day mean things were said at school

Dear Child,

Today a boy at school called you some very mean names. You answered right back with names just as mean. I saw them on your lips right before you turned to come to the car. I saw your hurt in the way you walked and the quiver of the lips which you pressed […]