School decisions

This week was not a great time to have my focus completely scattered by being sick. Now is the time of year when I make a series of decisions which will affect the shape of the next school year. For the older two this means combing through course offerings, attending registration meetings, and trying to find a good balance between challenge and sanity. Things are even more unsettled for the younger two. Normally I’d just discuss with their current teachers about who would be good for the next year. However this year I’ve dropped their names into a lottery for a charter school and they both tested for gifted programs. I will not know how those things turn out until the end of March. Then there will be decisions to be made. I can’t know the outcomes of those decisions in advance. I am so very tired of making important decisions based only on my ability to prognosticate and whatever inspiration I can glean.

I get very tangled up about these decisions, but then I have to take a deep breath and remember how flexible our local school system is. We have lots of options and if one doesn’t seem to be working, I can switch to another one.