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March 2011
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The week just past felt tired and tangled. I can’t say precisely why it was so. Perhaps it had so much potential energy. Many events were poised to collapse into various forms of emotional crisis. People were on the edge of sick. The meeting with the school counselor might have been difficult. Business emails had […]

Anxiety and Oil Paint

I woke up this morning in hard-core problem solving mode. This means that I am impatient with emotional reactions. I just want to brush emotion aside and pick the most likely path to success. Kiki has an art project this week. She decided to use oil paint for the project despite the fact that she […]

Repetition and Patterns

I have several projects in process right now. I’m working on my book of essays, which has me combing through blog entries from 2007 and 2008. I’m working on creating family photo books and I’m two years behind, so the project has me reading through blog entries from 2009 to pull the family-related ones to […]

Obstacles, Accommodations, and Finding Solutions

“I’m sorry Gleek has been having a hard time at church. What can I do to help her?” The person on the other end of the phone was Gleek’s primary teacher. I had no answer to give her. I had no answer for the primary president either when she called. All the attention was triggered […]

When Disaster Strikes Far Away

Half way around the world people’s lives have been permanently altered. My life is normal except for extra chatter on twitter, facebook, and news sites. My heart goes out to the Japanese people, but my hands are too far away to help them. The temptation is to glue myself to my computer, watching every update […]

Things done, but not the things I expected

I meant to spend this week catching up on business chores and making significant progress on work projects. Instead the week has been one of reconnecting to my local communities. Also I finally made good on the promise I made to myself that as soon as the weather was nice I would tend my garden. […]

Change, Fixing, and Growth

The only person you can change is yourself.

I don’t know who first said the words to me, probably my parents, and they probably said them many times before the concept finally sunk into my developing brain, but I know I had internalized it by my late teens. If I wanted my life to change, […]

Emotional weight and things which matter

Out of the blue comes a day like today when I get all of the important things done all on the same day. This is not to say that I accomplished everything on my task list. Not even close. I haven’t even caught up on all the things which fell behind during the weeks of […]

Notes to things I feel grouchy about

Dear school, One second grade child does not need four different reading programs each with a log for me to track. Yes I know that minutes-read can count for all four programs, but I still have to write it down four times and make sure that my son turns in four pieces of paper. Seems […]

Managing a bad day

Some days, today for example, I feel like a failure as a parent. My logical brain has a whole list of reasons to explain this feeling. It supplies them in regular rotation, proving them to be completely interchangeable and thus not the cause of the feeling. The feeling pre-exists the reasons and can not be […]