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Re-organizing My Office, Again.

When we remodeled my office a couple of years ago, it was my intention to create a space that was both lovely and functional. It worked, mostly. But then we acquired a warehouse and the room which used to be my storage and shipping room became Kiki’s home-visiting-from-college bedroom. In the shift, a whole category [...]

Scheduling for 2014

Howard just posted his appearance schedule for this year. Most notable: he will not be attending either LTUE or Worldcon because both have direct conflicts with other events. My schedule is much less populated than Howard’s. My currently scheduled public appearances are: January 17-19 at Legendary ConFusion, Troy, Michigan. They’ve given me some fascinating programming [...]

Noise and Motion

I don’t pause enough. The minute I finish a task, I check in to social media sites, I read blogs. These things represent a break in my day and taking breaks is a good thing. Except I rarely eat without also reading. Somehow there is a piece of me that is convinced that we need [...]

Boxing Day and Organization

I like boxing day. I don’t know what the actual cultural traditions are around the day. I know it falls on the day after Christmas and is British in origin. I have a vague notion that it was the day when wealthy gentlemen would box up gifts and goods to distribute to their less-well-off tenants. [...]

Life Shift: Moving Into the Warehouse

The night before the move I lay awake in bed cataloging the things I should have done to get ready, but didn’t. It was Schlock Warehouse moving day and I was not prepared. I know how to ship. I know how to run a shipping event. I know how to manage having inventory in storage [...]

Stress is not Logical

I woke up this morning stressed. I was stressed yesterday, but not at a drive-all-my-thoughts-and-actions level. Somehow the fact that it is Friday and I have almost run out of week tipped me over. There are all these things I need to do with various due dates. Today Contact the GenCon hotel and arrange for [...]

Clearing Clutter and A Day in the Life

Almost the first thing that I did when I got home on Saturday was to pick up the garbage off of the kitchen counter. The kids had been living on packaged foods and they tended to drop those packages wherever. They are much more focused on the food than on proper disposal. Without intending to [...]

Doing the Job that Needs to be Done

When Brandon, Dan, Mary, and Howard first started talking about doing a Writing Excuses retreat, I loved the idea. I wanted to be an integral part of all the planning. I wanted to be useful and essential. But much of the retreat discussion took place during recording sessions when I was not there. Task after [...]


It is possible that I caught up on the laundry this weekend. My laundry closet looks astonishingly bare without it’s huge mounds of clothing, but the closets and drawers look kind of nice. I’m a little afraid to believe in this new state of affairs so I’m not looking too closely at the corners of [...]

Shipping Update Wednesday

Work hours today: 48 Packages shipped: Approx 600 Work hours:175 Packages shipped: Approx 1300 The following backer levels are in the mail: Low numbered (9-99) Tagon’s Toughs coins Tagon’s Toughs challenge coin Two Tagon’s Toughs Challenge coins Officer’s Club US NCO club are done. International NCO left to do. We did great today, but at [...]