And we’ve landed . . .

Here I am, back in my real life. I’m going to miss the woods. Lots. That was the foremost thought in my head as a drove into my neighborhood. Everything looked so cultivated and surrounded with concrete.

My second thought occurred when I came into the house to admire the shiny, newly re-finished hardwood floors. It was along the lines of: “Smelly! Open some windows, no make that ALL the windows, and I’m going to have to put furniture back and 4 suitcases full of laundry to wash and I need a shower and there is dust everywhere from the sanding I have to go back to making meals again Look EVERYTHING needs vacuumed and swimming lessons start next week, agh the lawn minion didn’t mow the lawn while we were gone, why is there that brown patch out there? I’ll have to check the sprinklers. . .”

Did I say I’m going to miss the woods? I miss them already.

5 thoughts on “And we’ve landed . . .”

  1. I feel ya, girl. Vacations never have a happy ending, somehow. They always remind you of what you could still be leaving behind in your “real” life.

  2. It doesn’t help, I suppose, that your new floors are “woods”. ];-)

    I hope that you can find your feet quickly back in your home, and that the new floors add to the warmth that your home obviously contains. For all the novelty and adventure that an outing in the woods involves, there is something about having your own walls about you that can be quite satisfying.

    May it feel again like home soon. Best wishes.

    ===|==============/ Level Head

  3. Re: Coming Home

    I mentioned this after my trip to Idaho, but a big part of coming home is having the place smell right. There was definitely a smell associated with this arrival, but it was “chemical” rather than “Home”. I think that made a big difference in how I felt about being back.

    On the other hand all the kids are sleeping in their own beds not with me because the cabin is scary. I don’t have to put on my shoes and sweater to get to the bathroom. I had a long hot shower that was not immeadiately followed by a cold wet walk. And I can have breakfast in my pajamas tomorrow. Some things are very good.

  4. Re: Welcome Back again

    I remember that upon returning from your last trip, you posted about how wonderful it was coming back to the smells of home. 🙂

    And I’m sure the 4 suitcases of laundry can wait a bit. It’s not as if the kids don’t have anything else to wear for a day or two. Vacation should be followed by good thoughts, not by a frantic running around un-doing of the vacation’s rest! Methinks the clean-up will make for some good chores for the kids to do.

  5. Re: Timings

    Amusing … you were posting about the smells of home at the same time I was recalling your previous postings on that subject. Serendipity? Sycophancy?

    For me, luxury camping is not having to dig my own latrine. Sometimes when the little Forest Service composting toilet is a hike of 200′ difference in elevation, and it’s sleeting, I will for a short time redefine “luxury”. We used to camp regularly, as in every month or two schedule a cat sitter, throw the gear into the truck, and disappear for a long weekend. But, since moving to a log home in the woods, we haven’t had that “crowded” and needing to get away from people.

    I hope you’ve gotten the smell out by now.

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