After my last three entries chronicling one unbelievable day I had a friend ask me: “How do you survive all those kids?!”

The answer is that most days aren’t like the one I’ve just described.  Most days have maybe One of those caliber of events.  Some days have none at all.  The quiet days aren’t the ones that I tell about in here because they aren’t as amusing to tell or to read about.  I don’t often tell about the times that Kiki grabs Patches and takes him out into the back yard to play quietly for an hour.  Or the times that all four kids play quietly in the sandbox without getting sand-in-the-hair.  Or the times that Kiki runs off to a friend’s house, Patches naps, and Link and Gleek play quietly with duplos while I nap.  These kinds of things happen just as frequently as the other kind, I just don’t tell about them as much.  I probably should, because those are the moments when I have time to watch my kids and love them and realize exactly why I put up with all the annoying stuff.

And then there is all the really cute stuff.  Just last night Gleek came down the stairs into the office where Howard was playing music while he worked.  She stopped on the stairs and began doing a little bobbing dance.  “I like this music!  It has dancing in it!”

I like my children.  They have Joy in them.

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