Family Movie Time

We watched Sky High as a family this evening. I enjoyed it. The kids found it … inspiring. Before we were half way through Gleek was doing backwards summersalts over the back of the couch and Patches was running around bouncing on people. This was not conducive to me losing myself in the story and so we turned the movie off until after the youngest two were in bed.

Tomorrow they’ll probably watch the movie again. And they’ll play along with the movie again. But this time I won’t be sitting there trying to watch, so it’s alright with me.

My kids do this alot. They’ll turn on a movie and then run and jump around the family room pretending that they’re part of the onscreen action. I never played that way as a kid. Sure I’d pretend about the shows I’d seen, but usually not during them. You can probably guess why cost isn’t the only reason we never take the kids to theaters.