Preparation for Challenges

Yesterday I wrote a lovely post about how I’m going on a trip because I need to challenge myself and my children. So naturally I am going to spend the remainder of the week deliberately setting out to make sure that everything is as easy as possible for the folks at home. I will do all the laundry, make meal plans, stock the fridge, and a dozen other pre-planning things. Am I undermining what I hoped to achieve. Maybe. But I would like us all to experience a bit of a challenge not a major trauma. I don’t want to set anyone up for a stressful mess. Also, if I do everything I possibly can in advance, I hope to be able to shut down the guilt circuits in my brain. Then I will be able to focus on the other purpose of the trip, which is me getting to do something I’ve always wanted to do, but never dared to allow. I’ll have three days during which my primary factor in minute to minute decisions is “what do I feel like doing?”

So hypocritical or not, I’m off to make lists and get everyone prepared.