This Could Get Expensive

I was out of sorts today. I’ve been more or less out of sorts for at least a week. I wasn’t able to figure out why since so many things about my life are going so well. Then today I accompanied Gleek to go care for a friend’s pet rats. Taking care of the rats meant playing with them for about 30 minutes so that the rats would not be lonely with their family gone. Gleek was a bit spooked by the thought of being in an empty house by herself, so I went with her. The neighbor’s house was gloriously empty and quiet. I sat down upstairs while Gleek tended rats downstairs, and I realized that I wanted to just stay and stay. I am an introvert and my summer has been very solitude deprived. I haven’t even been able to use errand time as alone time because Kiki is learning to drive and needs practice.

When Gleek was done with the rats, we came home. I didn’t stay long. I announced that I was going erranding all by myself. Two hours later I came home with a car load of groceries and a happy mood. Retail therapy can get expensive, but in this case my only impulse items were found in the produce section. We’re going to see if I can successfully cook spaghetti squash. Then we will see if my kids can be induced to eat the squash. I may also have bought an artisan bread which we didn’t technically need. But it will go great with the crock pot stew I’ve got planned for tomorrow. I’ve actually got a meal plan a day in advance; the first time that has happened all summer long.

I’m afraid Kiki’s driving practice may languish for awhile.