Howard on the Eve of our 18th Anniversary

Tomorrow is the 18th anniversary of the day I married Howard. This year I’ll be spending the day at the zoo with the kids. Howard will be spending it running a booth at GenCon. This is right in line with our tradition of not planning our lives around anniversary celebrations. The best possible celebration of our marriage is living and working together each day. Also, with all the other exhausting planning that we have to do for summer conventions, neither of us has left over energy for orchestrating an anniversary event. That said, I do try to take at least a minute or two on the anniversary day to look at that guy I married and think about how lucky I am.

There he is. Making me laugh, just as he does almost every day of our lives.
The banana has a story, of course. Howard was standing at the booth next to Tracy Hickman (of Dragonlance). Howard put down the book he was showing to customers and in a signed-too-many-things-today haze, Tracy picked it up and signed it. They joked together that Tracy would probably just auto-sign whatever was in front of him. Howard put it to the test by placing a banana in front of Tracy. So Howard had a Tracy Hickman autographed banana for lunch.

I made a really good decision all those years ago when I held his hand and said “I will.”

4 thoughts on “Howard on the Eve of our 18th Anniversary”

  1. Eric and I have never celebrated our wedding anniversary, either; the fact that we’re still together, loving and supporting each other in all sorts of ways, is more important to us.

    1. Sometimes we do celebratory-ish things. For our 10th anniversary Howard bought me a McGriddle (which I’d been craving) and took the day off of work. It was perfect.

  2. I can never remember Holidays, so whenever they do pop into my head I say Happy Anniversary or Happy 4th of July, or Merry Easter, etc. So happy anniversary when ever.

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