Hugo Award photos

Richard Man was the photographer at the Hugo award ceremony. He has posted all of his photos online where you can see them. I highly recommend wandering through. I believe most of these photos were taken prior to the ceremony, but he also has a page full of ceremony photos. Finally I am able to post a picture of Howard and I dressed up for the Hugo awards.

Mr. Mann has placed a statement on his page regarding acceptable uses of his photos. You really should go take a look at his site. He has photos of the masquerade costumes as well.

Yes, Howard and I look exceedingly serious in all of the photos. We didn’t do that intentionally, nor did the photographer. We hustled into the party late, were told to get photos taken, but they were preparing to begin photographing nominees by category. We had less than a minute in front of the photographers camera, and only a glance at the digital images before we had to dash off to listen to announcements. It is also possible that we were a little stressed about the award ceremony to come. Next time we’ll remember to smile.

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    1. A very good question. I guess it was a combination of hurry, stress, and knowing that the photographer was extremely pressed for time. Mostly he tried to make sure that my glasses were not reflecting light unpleasantly. I’ve added a note to the post above as well.

      1. Well, my grandma on my dad’s side always likes her pictures to seem honest in a way. She wants the people to be truly happy in the picture, not just smiling. She thinks that it’s best for the pictures to be taken in happy moments so that the memories are preserved that way, pure.

        I hope next time things are planned better so you can take breaks. Sometimes it’s the little things that help the most, especially when you’re in a place that isolates you from your biggest source of strength.

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