Disengaging the Mommy Radar

I do not want to be that mom, the one who hovers and is unable to let go. Yet my mommy radar is jangling in my head with pre-alarm signals. I dropped a child off this morning and I have not yet picked her up. She is off the grid and I can’t check to make sure that she is safe. I’d managed to disengage the radar, assigned Gleek to Safe at Camp status, but then she called home. She had a headache and a stomach ache. Both are likely the result of the fact that she did not sleep well last night and is suppressing nerves about camp. I now wish I’d taken time to sit with her last night, helped her get to sleep. Instead I just gave her reassurance over the phone and suggested that she get some rest. She sounded sad as she hung up the phone. They’ll call me again if there is any real cause for alarm. She is fine and well cared for, but now my mommy radar won’t shut up. I don’t want to be the mom who suffers because she is worried and can’t let go. I just wish there was a way to recalibrate the part of my brain which keeps getting alarmed because I can only count to three kids home safe instead of four.