Letter Month 2013

My friend Mary Robinette Kowal is once again issuing a month of letters challenge. I participated in this challenge last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, not just because of the fun of getting and sending letters during the month of February, but also because it gave back to me something I had lost. I didn’t even think to miss it before Mary asked people to write her letters on paper. These days I so rarely write things for an audience of one, but in a letter I do exactly that. Every sentence is intended just for the person who receives it. Even when the month was over, I’ve continued sending letters because it adds joy to my life. It is a small gift I can give to people I love, people with whom I want to connect. Friendships thrive and grow deep when the people involved have more than one point of contact: Neighbors and work out buddies, Twitter friend and person to hang with at conventions, facebook friend and shopping companion. I’ve discovered in letter writing an additional point of contact and I enjoy it a lot. So I am again picking up the challenge to mail something every day in February. Packages ordered by customers don’t count. I’ll also write a letter back to anyone who writes to me.

Sandra Tayler
PO Box 385
Orem UT 84059

Will you also pick up the challenge? You can read Mary’s challenge here. There are also links to forums and communities where you can talk letter writing with other folk. Lots of people are exchanging addresses, talking pens, acquiring paper, and generally preparing to begin.

2 thoughts on “Letter Month 2013”

  1. Don’t forget STAMPS! If you prefer to order them online, there’s http://www.usps.com (just click on “store”, then pick “forever stamps” for the latest ones) if you don’t want to go to your grocery/drug store or post office to get them. I’m a stamp collector –US only– so I may take up this challenge myself!

    I find stamps fascinating; not only does my collection show the evolution of stamps, but of US history as well. Right now, I’m waiting for the 2012 supplement to my album; it seems that the company I deal with sold out by the time they got to my order. I’m looking forward to it; I’ve been collecting all last year, so I’m ready to put the new stamps into the album!

    1. Stamps are essential. Definitely pick up the forever stamps because postal rates are changing on January 27. If you buy before then they’ll be less expensive.

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