Shipping Update Friday May 31

Work hours today: 46
Packages shipped: between 400 and 500, we did mixed lists so an accurate count is more tricky without physically counting packages. (not worth the time.)

Running totals
Work hours:221
Packages shipped: Approx 1700 – 1800

The following backer levels are in the mail:
Low numbered (9-99) Tagon’s Toughs coins
Tagon’s Toughs challenge coin
Two Tagon’s Toughs Challenge coins
Officer’s Club
NCO Club, except for some odds and ends

Enlisted Mess mostly done.
All orders containing more than 8 coins. (We’re done boxing. Yay!)

I will probably work another couple of hours tonight. There are some special handling orders to manage and other administrative and prep work to do. The final postage will be printed on Monday. Next work day is Tuesday and it is probably the last day.