Shipping Update: Odds and Ends Day

This day I handled customer support and a pile of packages that needed special attention. I put in five and a half hours. My mom, who is visiting, helped me for around 90 minutes.
Work hours today: 7
Packages shipped: about 80

Running totals
Work hours:227
Packages shipped: Approx 1800

Little change to the backer levels in the mail. I just filled in the gaps.
The following backer levels are in the mail:
Low numbered (9-99) Tagon’s Toughs coins
Tagon’s Toughs challenge coin
Two Tagon’s Toughs Challenge coins
Officer’s Club
NCO Club
Enlisted Mess US

Enlisted Mess International is mostly done.
All orders containing more than 8 coins. (We’re done boxing. Yay!)

There are still some special handling orders. (I have to figure out what packaging is required to ship 42 monkeys in the same box.) The final postage will be printed on Monday. Next work day is Tuesday and it is probably the last day.

4 thoughts on “Shipping Update: Odds and Ends Day”

  1. Maybe you could put the coins in rolls. It would keep them from rubbing against each other and would be easier to secure in a box. You could include the plastic sleeves for the buyer to put them in if they wanted them.

    1. This is a nice idea, but they are already in the plastic sleeves. I’d have to pull all the coins out. Fortunately the large orders just stack neatly into a box and I can just put packing paper around everything.

  2. That’s what popped into my head too. And lots of plans get rolled up for shipping, so there are probably tubes or at least triangle boxes in various sizes. Though, I almost wonder if someone has a barrel the want filled with monkeys. =)

    1. The trouble with tubes or rolls is that you don’t get a flat rate. Instead the charge is by weight and we save a significant amount on shipping using the flat rate boxes. The problem is solved for now though. All the packages are in the mail.

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