Not Really Missing that Data

A month ago my hard drive crashed. It kindly waited until the optimal moment, I’d just finished uploading a book to the printer, but had not yet begun work on another project. I’d backed up my files recently, so data loss was minimal. The only thing I lost which I have not been able to recover is my bookmarks. I had a huge list of them and now my list is tiny because I can’t remember what most of them were. I’m actually finding this liberating, as if I’d cast off a burden. I’m certain there are internet places that I use to frequent regularly where I’m no longer going, but now I realize that I was going some of those places out of habit rather than active enjoyment. So I’m being cautious about putting bookmarks back. Fewer distractions is a good thing right now.

1 thought on “Not Really Missing that Data”

  1. that’s one of the reasons I never used bookmarks much… they can be distracting. I’ve memorised the addresses of the 5 or so sites I check on a daily basis and that’s it. It may not keep me from an internet binge, but it sure helps.

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