Promises to Keep and Miles to Go Before We Sleep

Howard came home tired, so tired that he did not have the energy to feel despair over all the writing he intended to do during the retreat but then didn’t. He noted the existence of that emotion as one might note a pasture full of cows while driving past it on the freeway. Fortunately being at home, and watching a silly action movie, restored him long enough that he and I were able to hammer out a list of things. It is all the major things we need to do between now and mid-August when Howard departs for conventions. We’ve divided all the things into roughly equal parts. And I have saved the list under the title Oppressively Long List of Things To Do. Tomorrow we will do some of the things. The day after we’ll do the same. Piece by piece we will turn things to do into things done.

#1 on my to do list for every day between now and the end of August is to prevent anything from getting added to the list.

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