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January 2014
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Still Coughing

We’re still mired in being sick. Today this made me angry. I expressed that anger by cleaning and running all the errands. Sometimes that makes me feel better. Didn’t really work this time around. I’m still grouchy and angry. Though I am very grateful to friends on twitter who made me laugh more than once […]

The Cough

The cough showed up sometime in December. Gleek brought it home from school, or possibly from somewhere else, but she was certainly the cough’s first host in our house. I didn’t think much of it. Coughing happens in winter time. But it didn’t go away. Then Patch started coughing and so did Link. I felt […]

Writing Habits

I have friends who write novels. Many novels. Long novels. I have friends whose books are shelved face out at Barnes and Noble. Some of them have been on the New York Times Best Seller’s list. I have friends who shepherd their books solo through drafting, editing, design, and releasing out to the reading public. […]

Thoughts on My Birthday

It is always interesting to me what transformations occur on my internal landscape when we hit my birthday. There have been years where I reached a landmark age and felt strange about it. Some years I’ve really needed affirmation and appreciation. There were times when I needed it and didn’t get it. Other times I […]

Treasuring the Project and the Experience

At ConFusion I spoke with many of my writer friends. At home I keep in touch with them and many more via social media. Everywhere I hear stress, frustration, and fear. There are so many parts of publishing that are out of the writer’s control. We even brought that up in a panel, how it […]

Laughing Later

It was Sunday night and the convention was over. The attendees had departed for their homes and the hotel staff was doing their best to make everything back to normal. Usually Howard and I try to depart before the hotel is emptied of the people we love, but this time we stayed an extra night. […]

Meeting a New Old Friend

Long ago in Livermore, California I went to junior high and high school. Last weekend I went to ConFusion in Michigan and participated in a panel on strong female characters. I did not expect these two facts to be in any way relevant to each other, but after the panel Rae Carson turned to me […]

Returning Home from ConFusion

It is Monday. I’ve returned from ConFusion and none of the worries which kept me awake Wednesday night have come to pass. I hope that someday my brain will accept that my departure does not create dire consequences, but this trip was not that someday.

“How was your trip?” My mom asked after we walked […]

Legendary ConFusion Arrival and Schedule

We have arrived at ConFusion. The real programming will begin tomorrow afternoon, but the visiting has already begun. Sometimes I am able to blog in the spaces of a convention, other times I go quiet online for the duration. This is one of the heaviest scheduled conventions I’ve ever had, so quiet seems likely. I […]

Things Being Good

“How are you doing?” a friend asked. We were sitting down together over snacks, neither of us in a hurry to go anywhere. Not only that, but this friend has on prior occasions listened to me for hours while I ramble about all of the many things in my life. I knew she did not […]