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February 2014
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One Thing After Another

This morning I tweeted something that Link said to me in the car on the way to school:

16yo: “A lot of stuff happened yesterday. That’s probably why I was tired.” Me too, son, me too.

Link is doing a marvelous job of taking back control of his life. He’s making lists and working hard […]

Adding Something to an Already Full Book (and Life)

I’ve been working on Schlock books this week. Longshoreman of the Apocalypse will be heading to print in about a week. I’ve also been working on Massively Parallel, which will be the biggest Schlock book we have ever made. The page count is 256 pages in the preliminary layout. It was really important to lock […]

Intense Work Day

Yesterday staying focused on the positive took lots of conscious effort. Today, not so much. Perhaps that is because today was a project focused day where I tuned out everything except what was right in front of me. The noise turns off when I’m hyper-focused on a project. This was the first hyper focused day […]

Applying Changed Focus in My Life

This changing focus thing is hard. I started the day feeling happy and ready to continue being happy while doing the work in front of me. I was going to do what I could and not blame myself for the rest. But then my intentions met my To Do List and The Schedule. The sad […]

Changing Your Focus

Yesterday I wrote a little post about focusing on good things instead of messes. The post felt charming and complete to me, so I didn’t want to alter it, even though I knew there was more to be said on the topic of focus. Because changing focus is sometimes no harder than deciding to do […]


I put the cup of hot milk down in front of Gleek along with the can of hot cocoa mix. She looked up from her book and her face lit up. “Thanks Mom!” “You’re welcome, but there is one condition. I need to take a picture of it all mixed up before you drink it.” […]

Making Things

“I’m happier when I make things.” Howard said as he walked into the kitchen late in the day. I looked up at him and saw that the grouchiness he’d felt earlier had cleared from his face. It took an hour and 1200 words of a short story, but his day got better.

I know exactly […]

Answers to Two Questions from LTUE

During LTUE I had two people ask me questions that I could not answer right away. I said I would think about the questions and blog an answer later. This is that blog.

Question #1 Background: In my presentation on Building a Community Among Your Readers I spent some time talking about the differences between […]

Focusing Closer to Home for a while

My head is full of complicated stories which are not mine to tell. Someday, when they are done, I may be able to tell them in more detail as things we survived. Right now I’m treading carefully as is wise when walking in emotionally complex terrain. I can say that helping a socially anxious kid […]

Women’s Support Group Meeting

A sign on the table in the middle of the meeting circle admonished us all that the words spoken there were not to be shared elsewhere. I will honor that, because it is a vitally important part of what makes those meetings safe. But what I felt during the meeting is mine to tell.

I […]