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August 2014
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Reasons Why Blogging is Sparse Right Now

I’ve got Massively Parallel to complete by Monday so that I can upload files to the printer. This must happen so we can have books before Christmas.

I’ve also got a new slipcase to design. This involves nudging things around on my computer, then printing it out on multiple sheets so I can tape […]


So, no secret that 2013 was a rough year for me and the hard lasted until March 2014. Most of it had to do with mental health and physical health issues. (depression, anxiety, panic attacks, C Diff infection, whooping cough, with accompanying doctors, psychiatrists, and therapy) Things have been better since March. Worlds better. Let […]

Back To School Scenes

“So is Patch your youngest?” his new teacher asked. She’d pulled me aside at back to school night for a moment of quiet conversation. “Yes. He’s the last of my kids you have to deal with.” I said with a tone of voice and a smile that turned it into a joke. Sort of. I […]

Kiki Gone to College Again

I began to feel it on the first day of school, but it wasn’t complete and so I was unsettled all week. Saturday, late, after I dropped Kiki at college, after I came home, after I spent several hours working on the nearly complete Massively Parallel, after everyone went to bed and I stood in […]

Sorting My Brain Late at Night

It is the dark side of 4am and I’m awake. I used to be asleep, but around 2am something woke me. I should have been able to roll over and go back to sleep, but instead my task brain woke up and tried to sort out all the things I have to do. The list […]

The Onset of School: Told in Two Days

Monday Night: School starts in the morning, which means that this evening I need to remember how I’m supposed to run a school night bedtime. This is difficult when there is a lot of “Do I have to?” floating around in the front of my brain. I know I’m going to enjoy having the structure […]

Last Year, This Year, and the School Year to Come

Yesterday I experienced some cognitive dissonance. I was going through my August 2013 blog posts to put them into my One Cobble at a Time book. I hit a set of posts which could easily have been written this week. They were all about GenCon and the impending beginning of school. Only I’d forgotten exactly […]

Short Post About a Nice Day

Spent the morning with the kids at the Museum of Natural Curiosity. The afternoon went to napping an a quick convention-related accounting session. (GenCon booth broke even today. Yay! Two more days of sales still incoming.)

This was my evening: Kikaa does not normally deign to sit in laps when those laps are in a […]

In Which I am Distracted by GenCon and Summer’s End

There is this list of things that I’m supposed to have done today. Instead I did things which were supposed to happen on other days, or things which were on no lists at all. Part of my fractured attention is because I’m on-call for the GenCon crew. Nothing has been an emergency, just little tweaks. […]

Hope and Preparation to Defend Against Depression

In January of 2013 three of my four children began their slide into massive emotional melt downs. In March of 2013 my husband began taking anti-depressants after a lifetime of cyclical depression. That March was also the month where I had one of my kids diagnosed with three different mental health disorders. I helped the […]