Post LTUE Thoughts

The day after a convention is always a strange place. My head is still full of conversations and I am processing them. I’m usually trying not to listen to voices of self doubt that always want to convince me that I made an idiot of myself. I need to re-engage my brain with the things of regular life. And I’m tired, so very tired.

I had a lovely time at LTUE. As always, I am very grateful to the committee and volunteers who organize the event each year. LTUE keeps getting bigger and when I think about the complexity of the undertaking, I hold the organizers in awe. I’m very grateful to be able to come each year. LTUE feels like a family reunion and I couldn’t have that without the people who put in so much work.

My co-panelists were a pleasure. This is not always the case and so I was very pleased. I love it when a panel feels like a really good conversation and when I walk away having learned something. The audiences were also very good. It may sound silly to say that, but the attendees at LTUE are focused. They’re at the event to learn. This means they ask well-informed and interesting questions. Some of those attendees came to talk to me at the booth and I was grateful for that as well.

Next week is going to be busy. I wanted to make sure I expressed my thanks first. LTUE was good. If you were there, thank you for being part of it. If you were not there, you might want to put it on your calendar for next February. It is well worth the trip.