Pruning Day

March is the month when I’m supposed to prune my fruit trees and grape vines. I did pretty well with the grape vines in the past few years, but the trees have been left to their own devices. I was about to run out of March, and the weather was nice, so this was the day for me to battle the trees. It really does feel like battle. My arms are always scratched up by the end of it. But it is a battle I win, because I’m the one with the chainsaw.

I now have several large piles of branches laying on my grass. Sometime next week I’ll take the saw and render the pieces smaller so that they’re easier to dispose of. Fortunately my church congregation is sponsoring a neighborhood clean up day where everyone bands together to haul away yard waste. I have plenty for hauling.

In the afternoon I walked with the kids to a park. We’re discovering that walking a mile just doesn’t feel that far anymore. This probably means we’re ready for longer walks in the weeks to come. I’m not going to really push the walking until we get closer to summer. At least not for the kids. It would be good for me to be out and walking every day.

I also spent some time just sitting on my porch enjoying the sunshine. It was 75 degrees today, which is really warm for March. I hope this doesn’t indicate a scorching summer to come. My flowers are loving the weather too. It was a lovely day. It felt really good to get outside and do things.