The project push continues and I’m afraid it doesn’t leave much time for thoughtful posts. We’re hoping to send a book or two off to print by April 1st. The Planet Mercenary book is going to take longer, but getting the other two done would be a huge pressure off.

On the other hand, I’m enjoying the creative focus. I’m spending my hours making things. More than that, I’m able to see clearly that these projects simply wouldn’t happen without my effort. For a long time Schlock Mercenary was Howard’s thing and I assisted. Between me writing a bonus story for Force Multiplication and all the work I do on Planet Mercenary, I’ve finally managed to convince the self-effacing part of my brain that it is my thing as well. It is true that my other writing projects are currently shunted aside, but that isn’t me giving up my things to be a support to someone else. It is me putting aside that project so that I can create this one. They’re all my projects. It is nice to be able to see that.

Among the other things this week, I’ve gone outside and pulled last year’s detritus out of the front flower beds. I know that if I clear the beds now, I will have a prettier front garden for the rest of the summer and that is good for my soul. It is demoralizing if I feel gardening guilt every time I see the front of my house. It is also good for me to step away from the creative work and let my mind wander while my hands are busy.

Current status of all the things:
We’ve turned in the PM cards. The tuckbox to go with them will be turned in first thing tomorrow.

I’ve been pounding on the Vessels section of the PM book and outlining how the Game Chief section needs to go.

The bank keeps coming up with papers for us to go sign, but theoretically the refinance is done.

I just got our finished taxes back from the accountant, and while we do have to pay out money, it is a sum that I can comfortably cover. Looks like I mathed right when I was making estimated payments and spending down cash last December.

Tomorrow Link goes in to take his final two tests, after which he’ll be done with high school a full two and a half months earlier than his peers. Now we can figure out what comes next.

I’m back to having a homework meeting with Patch every afternoon right after school. This is not my favorite, but I think it is the best means for me to hold him accountable for the work he should be doing.

Kiki is home this week for spring break. It is lovely to have her here. Yesterday I helped her do her taxes and today we went and filed paperwork for her passport.

None of these things stop for each other. I just have to keep switching and make sure that I take time to rest in between.