Hotel, Jet Lag, and the Discovery of Stroopwafels

Today was spent at the Atlantic hotel in Kiel. There were staff meetings, registration, and orientation as we got the last pieces in place for the conference portions of the cruise. We’ have a good crowd:

In this photo Howard, Mary, and Dan are all pointing to Kenna, who is our queen of assistants and whose standard answer is “I can do that.”

One of the things that made me really happy was seeing attendee’s faces light up when they saw other attendees. These are people who may live half a world away from each other, but they are friends because of these Writing Excuses cruises. I love to be a part of the organization crew who made that possible.

I’m not suffering too badly from jet lag, though a noon nap was necessary today. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have finished acclimating. I’m drinking lots of water and making sure I’m exposed to natural light as much as possible.

Today was also the day I first ate a stroopwafel. It will not be the last because, though they are treats from the Netherlands, Amazon in the US appears to sell them. A stroopwafel is a wafer cookie with two waffle layers and a gooey syrup filling. The whole thing is coated with cinnamon and sugar. It was delicious to eat and just as fun to say.

Tomorrow we board the ship. I’ll leave you with this little crocodile who was hanging out on our hotel sink.

He’s also featured on the do not disturb sign and some other hotel literature. His stomach says Qrogl, and I seem to remember my sister’s German-raised children loving a cartoon crocodile with that name. So, from Germany Qrogl says hello and hopes you will wash your hands thoroughly.

2 thoughts on “Hotel, Jet Lag, and the Discovery of Stroopwafels”

  1. Ohman, have you put a stroopwafel on top of your tea or coffee mug to warm it before eating? It elevates an already delicious snack to heavenly.
    I’m disappointed that it didn’t work out for me to attend last year or this year, but I’m saving up to bring my husband along with me next year! I’m so glad you’re finally getting to enjoy Europe. I can’t wait to explore more of it someday.

  2. The Walmart in Orem also sells stroopwafel, though I think they just call them “caramel waffle cookies” or something similar. I had my first stroopwafel in Billings, Montana on a trip at a little shop run by an older man who had immigrated to the US many years prior. I loved it and brought several home with me, then mourned when they were gone. About a year later, I saw them at Walmart and my eyes got huge. They weren’t quite as good as the ones I got from the shop (which were also fresh), but they still definitely satisfied the craving. 🙂

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