Not Being at an Event

Salt Lake Comic Con is happening this weekend and I am not there. I could have been there. They were willing to put me on panels. Instead I decided that I needed to focus on our currently running Kickstarter, fulfilling our prior Kickstarter (so close to done), and keeping school efforts stable for my two kids who are partially home schooled. I think this was the right decision as those three things are higher priorities in my life than anything I might have gained by attending the event.

And yet…

I see tweets from people I like who are there. They look like they’re having a great time. They say they’re having a great time. I know that social media is giving me the highlights reel. I’m seeing the shiniest moments and none of the exhausting / discouraging ones. But still a portion of my brain whispers that I’m missing out. I could have been there. This is when I remind myself that in order to be there, I would have to give up being here. If I’d gone I would have arrived at Sunday exhausted, in dire need of introvert time, and with a massive sense of guilt that I’d ignored important priorities for three days.

There are times when attending an event meshes well with my ongoing priorities, other times it simply doesn’t. There will be another year, another event. There will be a time when I am tweeting my highlights and someone else will wonder if they are missing out.

For today, I have some household errands to run and packages to ship.