Eventful Week

Saturday: Twist ankle to the point where I can’t walk on it. Spend remainder of day on a couch with an ice pack.

Sunday: Miss church because ankle still not good for walking, but hobbling becomes possible by evening. Home teachers visit.

Monday: First thing in the morning call to set up some critical appointments later in the week. Register 17 year old for classes for her senior year. Take 23 year old to get a patch test, which means taping allergens to her back for two days. Discover that allergens-taped-to-back is misery. I’m able to limp places I need to go.

Tuesday: Work on bonus story. Help 14yo with homeschool and also organize so he can make up work from last week when he was out sick with the flu. Take 20yo to dentist where we discover that he has beautiful teeth, including the four wisdom teeth that are beautifully trying to grow in sideways and are thus the source of the pain he’s been feeling when chewing. Inform 20yo that he has an appointment on Friday to get them removed. Purchase flowers so that 14yo can dissect one as part of a make-up biology assignment. Have a notary come to our house so that Howard can sign a document in front of a notary and two non-related witnesses. (Florida laws are really picky about estate-related documents.) See on Facebook that someone is looking to re-home a nine-month-old tortie kitten. Remember we promised the kids we would discuss adding a kitten to our household in January, it is now February. Inquire about the kitten, thus setting in motion a chain of events where a kitten is coming to meet our family over the weekend and our kids have already half fallen in love with this kitten before even meeting her. Our fourteen year old cat is not going to be pleased at the incursion at first. But we’re likely to have a second cat shortly.

Wednesday: I was going to say this was the only day all week with no appointments scheduled, but then I remembered the appointment for patch test removal. The large red welt suggested a significant allergy to nickel. Everything else was negligible. My ankle functioned normally, but the entire ankle and foot were shades of purple. 20yo reported that chewing hurts again.

Thursday: This is today. I had a tax appointment this morning where I turned over two folders full of relevant tax documents. I’ve still got three more documents to chase down and acquire. I also got to talk to my accountant about how the changes in tax code might affect me. Verdict: we’re not sure yet. Might be to my benefit, might not. It really depends on the inflows and outflows in 2018. Then I ran errands to pick up prescriptions and groceries. There was a special emphasis on picking up soft and drinkable foods since wisdom teeth removal happens tomorrow. Homeschool is running right now, and that seems to have finally hit a rhythm where I can just hand the kid an assignment list and walk away.

Friday: In the morning my son has surgery. The entire rest of the day will be shaped around taking care of him for his recovery.

Saturday: Continuing care for wisdom teeth recovery. Also we get to meet a kitten who might become ours.

That is quite enough things for a single week.

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