I’ll be at LTUE this week

LTUE begins tomorrow. For me it begins at 9am with my solo presentation: Structuring Life to Support Creativity. I’ve given this presentation at LTUE before, but it has been several years and I’ve re-structured the presentation to incorporate new thoughts and experiences that I’ve had in those years. So even if you’ve seen the presentation before, it will have new material in it.

In between scheduled panels and presentations, you’re most likely to find me in the dealers room at the Schlock Mercenary table. Though I won’t be there all the time since I have some meetings to attend and friends to catch up with that aren’t on my public schedule.

My schedule is as follows:

11:00 am, Cascade A (UVCC): Structuring Life to Support Creativity
5:00 pm, Canyon: Collaboration and Coauthors

1:00pm, Elm: Fashion and Clothing Through the Ages
4:00pm, Maple: Normal Child Development

9:00am, Arches: Balancing Platform and Artistry
10:00am, Ampitheater: How to Run a Killer Game KickstarterĀ²
12:00pm, Canyon: Working With a Freelance Editor

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