Upgrading all the things

This is the week of upgrading all the tech things.

I swapped over to Quickbooks online from Quickbooks desktop. Not a change I wanted to make because I have objections to monthly subscription software instead of single purchase software. But in order to connect my (so very needed) updated store software to my accounting software I was required to switch. There was so much anxiety in migrating the data, but it was … easy. And the new software has already shown me how to solve a couple of things that were persistent problems in the desktop software. And the store and the accounting now talk to each other, seamlessly exchanging information that I used to have to manually transport. I am going to be paying more money per year to run the administration of my business, but I’m starting to think I might get more that the value of that money in time and reduced stress.

I need to finish the swap so I can turn off the old services and not have to deal with them anymore.

Also today, I moved off of my old iPhone 4S into a Galaxy S7. The process was not easy. Or rather, the new, modern part of it was easy. The hard part was convincing my old phone to cooperate. It required updating iTunes. Then restarting my computer. Then updating my iPhone’s OS and hoping that the process didn’t turn the phone into a brick. I was now ninety minutes into this process. Then I downloaded the app, connected the two phones, and waited for data to slurp over. Which took 5 times longer than the estimated time the new phone told me. I suspect this is because the old phone was super slow about handing things off.

I can tell that the new phone is going to be better for me in dozens of ways. Having to use the music program iTunes as the back up/ interface for my phone was always weird since iTunes baffles me. I never bothered to learn it properly. But the new phone backs itself up. It keeps being extremely helpful with tips and options. It’ll take me weeks to get all of the options adjusted. But then I’ll have a device that is far better for me than the one I was using.

I still have a bunch of set up left to do, but the big hurdles are cleared and the rest should be down hill. All it took to make my systems easier was a willingness to let go of the systems that I clung to only because they were familiar. There is a larger lesson there for me to ponder.

I’ll ponder later, once I’ve got the store fully set up, and the phone set up, and a Kickstarter launched. All in the next week.