Focused on Deadlines

It turns out that upgrading all the things simultaneously takes up quite a bit of brain space. Add in a sprinkling of deadlines both business and family. Then throw a couple of birthdays on top for good measure. All of it combined means that I haven’t had much brain for thinking the sorts of thoughts that lead to interesting blog posts.

Part of the deadline focus is that this coming Friday is the end of term and one of my children needs to do significant work so that he won’t fail. It is also the day that I depart for a writing retreat, so there is a pile of things I want to get done before I go. Mostly because I don’t want to have to think about them during the retreat.

I’ve yet to determine what my creative focus will be while I’m at the retreat. I know I intend to spend time walking in the woods and thinking slow thoughts. I also intend to connect with friends. And I want to write some words that don’t have deadlines, just a story to tell.

Until I get to Friday, I’m prepping a Kickstarter, prepping two books, tracking deadlines, learning new software, communicating with teachers, and running errands.