Befores and Afters

We had some forced renovation this summer because of water damage. Here is our progress thus far.

Bathroom before:

Bathroom Deconstructed:

Bathroom restored:

Studio before:

Studio deconstructed:

Studio restored:

I remember on the day that we realized the scope of what needed to be done that one of the workers tried to cheer me up by pointing out that I’d be getting new flooring for free (because insurance would pay for it.) I politely didn’t respond, because these newly restored rooms are anything but free. We were (and still are) out of pocket for portions of the work since it wasn’t covered under insurance. I’m out hours of physical labor because the economics of insurance, my skill set, and our calendar dictated that the best way to get things done was for me to do them. Our entire household experienced major disruption across the largest part of the summer.

In the end, we like the new flooring better. It is more durable and has a better feel under our feet. We still need to extend it across the family room where we’ll have to tear out twenty year old carpet. We still need to put Howard’s painting table back into place. But these two rooms are fully functional again, for which I am quite grateful.

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  1. Hmm. That bathroom remodel looks very similar to the remodelling we had to do to our kitchen. The *plan* was just to move the built-in cabinet containing the fridge. I undid all the screws holding it to the cupboards on the wall, gave it a hefty tug to free it, … and discovered I had left one screw in, and had pulled the cupboards off the wall.

    The kitchen looks much better without the cupboards, but I would like to have kept some of the bowls that got smashed. 🙁

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