Holiday Quiet

There is a quietness that comes with the holidays. It seems strange to say that when so many people are running around and stressed. But the running-around-stressed part is the preparations. It is the part where things must be planned, organized, purchased, set up. After all of that, when the holiday truly arrives, then I feel quiet in my heart. Quiet and peace and gratitude. Once I find the quiet of a holiday it no longer matters what did or did not get done. Once I’m inside the quiet all the things which felt so vital just… fade away.

This morning I had a list of tasks and a feeling of stress. This evening, I’ve entered Thanksgiving. We won’t be having our feast until Friday, so tomorrow I will have cooking projects. And Christmas music. And possibly a Christmas tree. Most years we wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the Christmas decorations. This year I needed to invoke Christmas a bit early. The first decorations went up yesterday. Invocation successful, my first period of holiday quiet arrived this evening.

I won’t be able to dwell in it for an entire month. I will still have many tasks to accomplish for Christmas, and the Kickstarter, and the wedding, and family, and basic household maintenance. Yet even when I’m feeling brain fry in full force, I will also have a little slice of quiet. Like background music in an elevator or waiting room. Completely unnoticed most of the time, but waiting for me any time there is a space between all the other things. I’m so glad to have some quiet after a particularly noisy year.