Crown Molding Triumph

Last year when we were putting up cabinets in the front room, I also purchased crown molding. I stained the molding and cabinets to match each other. The cabinets went up in April 2019, then the rest of that year went into emergency repairs and the first half of this year was buried in pandemic. The project intimidated me because the angles on crown mean visualizing things upside down and backward, then holding long strips of wood over head tight to the ceiling while wielding a trim nailer. Baseboards are so much easier. They lay flat against the wall and gravity assists instead of fighting. This week our flooring order arrived. That meant I was ready to launch into the next phase of kitchen remodel. However putting up crown is much easier when cabinets aren’t in the way. So I finally did the anxious thing: I rented the necessary tools and devoted a day to nailing things to the ceiling. Happily the tool rental folks treated me like an intelligent tool-using fellow human, which isn’t always guaranteed when a woman goes to rent power tools. Also, having a miter saw made the work go so much smoother. Five hours later I have crown.

I love it. I’ll love it even more when I’m finally able to remove that wall with a couple of old cabinets and the fridge.

While we were doing crown and picking up flooring, Howard noticed something odd with one of our front windows. Yup, those are cracks. The heat deflector we put up last summer was apparently bad for the glass, (oops) though it made the room much more livable. So next week I get to make phone calls about glass replacement.

Fortunately I don’t have to do the actual work on glass repair (other than making the call.) Instead I can focus on this space which is about to become a pantry wall.

But first, some rest. I’m pretty tired from overcoming anxieties and hefting power tools all day.

5 thoughts on “Crown Molding Triumph”

  1. Hello fellow tool using human! Isn’t it great to be treated like a fellow door using human?

    If you had a riveter, I would call the story riveting. Instead, I must merely call it a crowning achievement!

  2. I love the railing. The old wooden one in my house is beginning to get a little too wobbly with two teens having worked it over for the last couple of years. I think when we replace it, it would be nice to get those metal uprights in the middle. Much nicer looking.

  3. AMEN to the part about being an intelligent tool-using fellow-human. Not that I usually rent tools; usually I’m just buying stuff at the home improvement store. I’ve gotten so that I ignore employees unless I have a very specific question (usually about location). If the employee’s answer doesn’t make sense, I still ignore them. (E.g. “This product will do what you say you want done, even though the packaging says otherwise.” Me: “Do you have something else to do right now? How about you go do it?”)

    I wasn’t always like this. I am now. Experience does that to a human.

    Also: I love how that crown molding looks! Go you!

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