The Gen Con Road Trip

As microblogged on Bluesky.

Gen Con road trip begins. We have 9.5 hours of driving today with our stopping point in mid Nebraska. Hoping for a mostly boring trip

We have kidnapped a Utah fly. Hope it likes Nebraska.

Departing Utah via canyons

When the dashboard is so shiny that it reflects stabbing light into the eyes of the driver, we solve the problem with painter’s tape.

Because I’m on an experimental dietary restriction adventure, I’ve packed along my own food. Everyone else in the car is eating Burger King.

We’ve achieved Nebraska. Two hours to our hotel.

Day one complete. We have a room with enough beds. A dinner for tonight, Netflix on TV, and free breakfast in the morning. So far so good.

Road trip day two begins with some questions about the plumbing decisions someone made in this rest stop bathroom.
Did they just decide not to pay for extra countertop?
This was definitely a choice.

Found some corn fields.

Iowa has the nicest rest stops.

Breaking news: more corn fields

Passed a sign advertising “Train Logistics Park for sale”
I have vetoed this purchase.
Howard was very excited about “train” and “park”
I was not excited about “logistics”
Because I know which words would become my job.

Safe arrival in Illinois where we discovered that our hotel has unique smells for every room. None of the smells are intentional. Fortunately none of the smells are actively bad.

I still remember attending a party at a convention hotel in a suite that smelled like the death of broccoli. This is just vaguely of various fresh paints and old carpets.

Day three of Gen Con road trip was 2 hours of driving, 30 min of “put stuff in hotel,” 20 minutes of “where on earth do I park,” 2 hours of “put stuff in booth to set up tomorrow,” and an entire evening of getting our bearings and feeling settled.
Booth building tomorrow.

(I’m very likely to be far too busy the next five days to do any kind of blogging, micro or otherwise.)